• Apple Releases OS X Update to Quarantine MAC Defender Malware

    The much covered MAC Defender malware and inaction on Apple's part clean up the mess, has finally been fixed.

    Apple released a Security Update today which adds malware detection and removal for the "MAC Defender" malware. Using the malware list Apple has been keeping since 2009 the update adds a tool to SnowLeopard that removes malware based on the list.

    The simple File Quarantine feature, added to OS X when Snow Leopard first came out, examines external files downloaded within quarantine-aware applications (Mail, iChat, Safari, etc.) and warns users of downloads that match the malware definitions.

    Also, the addition of a daily malware definitions check with the security update will make future malware attacks less of a PR nightmare.

    The security update is available for download on Apple's download page and as an automatic update.

    Source: Apple
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