• “Send to Twitter" Option Coming to iOS 5?

    Reports are circulating that Twitter is about to launch a new photo sharing service called Twitter Pictures. This will put them in direct competition with existing media sharing services such as TwitPic and yfrog. It’s said that Twitter would like to provide a more consistent experience for the end user and have more direct control over Twitter as a whole.

    Apparently, Twitter approached TwitPic and yfrog several months ago to inform the companies of their plans to move into the photo sharing business. Another possible reason for the move may be a financial one. Photo sharing sites bring in a substantial amount of income by selling advertising next to images that are uploaded by Twitter users.

    According to multiple reports, Apple’s iOS 5, which is expected to be unveiled next week, will feature a new "Send to Twitter" option. It’s expected to be available across the entire operating system and be implemented similarly to the way YouTube is today. According to one report, a test link has already been sent out ‘in the wild,’ but this claim has not yet been verified.

    We shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out more about this intriguing development as Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is set to begin June 6. Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be there to unveil iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and much more. If Twitter is integrated into iOS 5, I’m sure a fair amount of time will be devoted to its introduction. With so much new software to unveil at Monday’s event, Steve will probably have to be up on stage for most of the day.

    Source: Tech Crunch
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      I cant wait for iOS 5
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      I cant wait for iOS 5
      They need a button for Facebook for photos and videos.
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