• New Aeriel View of Apple's Data Center Turns up on Google Earth

    It's taken months to reach this point, but Apple has finally announced that iCloud is not only real, it's also coming soon. And while we continue to debate the rumored ins-and-outs of the service and its supposed attributes, we'll only have to wait until next Monday to get some answers. That's when Apple chief Steve Jobs will take the stage at Moscone Center at the World Wide Developers Conference to give a hands-on demonstration of iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and, of course, iCloud.

    What we don't have to wait until next week for, however, is an awesome new aerial view of Apple's massive North Carolina-based data center, which is believed to provide the underpinnings for the new iCloud service. So why did Apple release this stunning new image? It didn't. Instead, it comes to us by way of Google Earth - the first satellite image available of the new data center from Google.

    As Fortune magazine highlighted this morning in their findings, it remains a mystery as to how Apple apparently convinced Google to not showcase this particular up-to-date satellite view until after the iCloud announcement was made. You see, just one week ago, this view wasn't available. A head-scratcher, indeed.

    If, prior to the iCloud announcement, you asked Google Earth or Google Maps "to show you the intersection of U.S. Route 321 and Startown Road - where the data center is located - the current satellite imagery stopped a few yards short of the construction site," Fortune writer Philip Elmer-DeWitt says. Just days ago, all that could be seen from these coordinates was farmland.

    Source: Fortune
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