• LaCie Daisy Chains Five Thunderbolt Drives Together, Speed Blows My Mind

    Computex is like a body-building show for those in the computer industry, except exchange the fake tans and copious amounts of baby oil with flashy tech demos and lots of confusing buzz words.

    LaCie lubed up their Thunderbolt equipped Little Big Disks, and showed some serious data transfer muscle. With five Little Big Disk drives daisy chained to a high-end display, via Apple and Intel's Thunderbolt I/O, LaCie was able to stream uncompressed HD video at 835mb/s. According to LaCie that is the fastest performance ever achieved by a mobile storage solution, capable of editing multiple streams of 1080p video in Final Cut Pro.

    I want. I want. I want.

    The combination of Thunderbolt's 10gb/s maximum transfer speed and the Little Big Disk's two 250GB SSDs make it an incredibly fast storage solution. The prospect of editing editing uncompressed HD video via an external hard drive is incredible. Having two Thunderbolt ports on the back of a 27" iMac coupled with a number of these daisy chained together, could make for an incredibly inexpensive professional level editing set up. That is compared to comparable server based solutions, the only other editing setups capable of transfer speeds like this.

    Don't expect these drives to be cheap, especially because of the SSD drive that make up one Little Big Disk. However, they're the only drives that will be able to take advantage of Thunderbolts full potential. They're still not available for purchase though.

    This technology needs to mature. Fast.

    Source: LaCie
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