• iCloud Possibly Free At First

    The L.A. Times quoting "sources familiar with the negotiations" announced today that iCloud may debut as a free service, but eventually will be subscription based.

    The price? About $25 a year. A bargain if you ask me.

    Apple will share 70% of all revenue generated from iCloud with record labels, as well as 12% with music publishers holding the songwriting rights according to the L.A. Times' sources. Apple will take home the remaining 18%.

    The price point seems right, and Apple even conceded some of the traditional 30% of profits they like to take home from ventures like this. This is still all conjecture of course. All the cats will be let out the bag next week. Hopefully iCloud will be a fully functional and useful addition to the Apple ecosystem and not another MobileMe.

    The record labels have signed on, will we?

    Source: LA Times
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