• Apple Hires Jailbreak Developer, Notifications Likely To Suck Less Now

    There is almost nothing I want more to see implemented in iOS 5 than a new notification system. The current system infuriates me. There is nothing worse than playing a game, only to have a freaking text message pop up, and have my character in the background die because I couldn't close out of the notification window fast enough.

    WWDC next week will likely highlight some sort of improvement to the iOS notification system. Proof enough is in a couple recent hires Apple has made. Last year Rich Dellinger, the man responsible for the notifications system in WebOS, became a permanent resident in Cupertino. For those that haven't had the pleasure of using a WebOS device, track down the nearest Palm Pre and be wowed.

    The next big hire, was the recent acquisition of Jailbreak developer Peter Hajas. Hajas is most known for his MobilieNotifier iOS utility. Hajas is reportedly still in a trial period at Apple, but his recent tweets, and posting that he is in fact heading out Cupertino seems confirm as much. Also, Redmond Pie appears to have a screenshot of Hajas in Apple's internal directory listing him as an employee in iOS apps and frameworks.

    Hopefully the fruit of Apple's notification conquests is realized next week. If it isn't, i'll be livid. Thats a lot of lambs I could have avoided sacrificing.

    Source: Redmond Pie
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