• Apple Chief Steve Jobs' Biography Now Available for Amazon Pre-order

    The book won't officially be released for another nine months, but if you're the type of reader who likes to pre-order books in advance - waaaay in advance - then you may want to check out Amazon.com if the new Steve Jobs biography is on your must-have list. This weekend, the title officially popped up for preorder.

    A quick perusal of the Amazon page shows that preorders must already be off to a good start, as the title - iSteve: The Book of Jobs" is presently listed among bestsellers on the preorder slate. Biography & History, Technology, and Business are the three categories now showing the title at number 1.

    The biography, written by Walter Isaacson, will be published by Simon & Schuster and released on March 6, 2012. The book is "drawn from three years of exclusive and unprecedented interviews Isaacson has conducted with Jobs as well as extensive interviews with Jobsí family members, key colleagues from Apple and its competitors." The book is being hyped as "the definitive portrait of the greatest innovator of his generation." The preorder price on Amazon is $18.00.

    Rumors have swirled for months that Steve Jobs was close to authorizing an official book about his life and a writer to bring the story to life. But only this past April did the first official confirmation of the project turn up. "This is the perfect match of subject and author, and it is certain to be a landmark book about one of the world's greatest innovators," says Jonathan Karp, publisher of Simon & Schuster. "Just as he did with Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, Walter Isaacson is telling a unique story of revolutionary genius."

    Source: Amazon
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