• Apple Chief Steve Jobs Takes The Stage to Kick Off WWDC 2011

    This morning in San Francisco at the press-filled and jam-packed Moscone West convention center, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage to kick off the official keynote to start Apple's WWDC 2011, which is expected to raise the curtain on iOS 5, OS X Lion, the iCloud music storage offering, and much, much more.

    As the crowd gathered inside the hall, "Rescue Me" by the "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin played over the loudspeakers. And within a matter of minutes, Mr. Jobs showed up to "rescue" us from continuing to be in the dark about what this year's WWDC would bring. "We've got an awesome morning together, this morning," Jobs said. "Thank you for coming so much."

    Of course, before we got to the good stuff, there was the obligatory self-congratulatory remarks from the Apple chief about his company's stellar achievements in recent months, particularly with regard to Macs.

    Such notable milestones (some of which were introduced by Phil Schiller) include:

    • More than 5,200 attendees for WWDC 2011, which sold out in two hours.
    • There are now more than 54 million Mac users around the globe.
    • Mac sales are beating those of desktop sales and now represent close to 3/4 all notebooks sales.
    • The Mac has outgrown the industry every quarter for the past five years
    • During the past twelve months, the PC market has declined 1%, while the Mac market has balloon 28%

    Stay with MMi for continuing ongoing coverage of WWDC 2011.

    Image via: Wired
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