• WWDC: Apple Unveils iCloud

    iCloud is finally about to become a reality. If you buy a song thought iTunes and have more than one device, it can be a real pain to keep all of your devices synced up properly. Well all that is about to change with iCloud. The digital hub is finally being move to the cloud.

    Even Steve admits that, "Keeping these devices in sync is driving us crazy."

    Starting with iCloud all of your content will be stored in the cloud and will be pushed to all of your devices wirelessly. All devices will also be able to talk to the cloud whenever they want to and keep all of your data synced up as needed.

    iCloud will now be integrated with the App Store, so all of your purchases will appear on all of your devices at the same time (depending on the available space on your device of course.) This will make things very convenient, especially if you canít get to a computer.

    Not only will iCloud sync all of your apps, but it will also sync all of your iBook purchases as well. Contacts and calendars will now be updated across all devices with iCloud as well.

    With iCloud youíll be able to backup music, apps, books, camera roll, device settings, app data, and basically everything on your iDevice. All you need to get started is your Apple ID and password and everything will load onto your iDevice automatically. According to Steve, "It all just works." Once a day, "a lot of your important content" will be updated to the cloud.

    And thatís not all! As Steve Jobs states, "We couldn't stop there.Ē

    Three additional apps will let you sync data directly to the cloud. All of the iWork apps, including Pages, Numbers and Keynote will wirelessly sync with iCloud. Documents will be automatically updated and stored in the cloud. Youíll be able to start a doc on your iPad and finish it on your desktop computer. All data transfers will be automatic and effortless.

    iCloud is also going to be built into Mac OS X Lion apps as well. Youíll be able to use iPhoto to manage all of your photos quickly and easily, "so there's nothing new to learn." There is also going to be Apple TV integration as well.

    When iCloud is released itís going to be a real game changer. Youíll be able to store all of your documents in the cloud, pushed automatically and updates will be available across multiple devices simultaneously. Keeping all of your data in sync will be easier than ever with iCloud.

    Source: Apple
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