• Safari 5.1 Preview Available For Developers

    We have seen that developer previews, or betas, have been released to developers for both iOS, OS X Lion, and iCloud. Although these three are probably the most popular, for you Safari developers out there, Safari 5.1 preview is now available via the Safari Dev Center.

    According to Apple, the features that are supported in the Safari 5.1 preview are:

    • Full-screen webpages
    • Media caching (with HTML5 application cache)
    • Higher quality graphics acceleration for Windows

    In the first day of WWDC, Apple has shown that when it comes to innovation, it has to be comprehensive and wide spread. Not only did they broaden the capabilities on their flagship platforms (iOS and OS X), but pushed some new innovation into every nook and cranny of their other popular products and frameworks. Continue to stay posted on ModMyi as we will bring you the hottest news promptly and concisely. Stay tuned.

    Source(s): MacStories
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