• Apple Awarded Patent for USB 3.0/DisplayPort/Thunderbolt Connector

    According to PatentlyApple, apple has been granted a patent for new hybrid connector that would be used on future iOS device. The connectors would allow both DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, and USB 3.0 connections to go directly to and from the iOS device.

    The patented product would eventually roll out to all iOS devices, including the recently updated iPad. PatentlyApple notes that this product could be nearing completion, and could see a release this year or early next year. The patent also hints that Apple might be looking into USB 3.0 for future Macs, or providing compatibility for PCs that already have support for the interface.

    Further suggested by the patent is something that floated around the speculation for the iPad 2, the addition of Thunderbolt for iOS devices. First added to the revamped MacBook Pro earlier this year, and expected to be added to all Mac product lines as they are updated in the coming months.

    This product makes a ton of sense for Apple. In order to obtain content from home computers, it seems like its time for Apple to take the next step from the current USB 2.0 interface it currently relies on. With massive theoretical speeds for this interface this would be a massive upgrade.

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