• EXCLUSIVE: Toys R' Us Reportedly Training Employees for iPad 2 Sales

    We received a tip this morning from a Toys R' Us employee that the venerable children's toy store will begin selling the iPad 2 next month. Although there have been rumors in the past about Toys R' Us possibly carrying the iPad at some point in the future, this is the first we've heard from an actual employee that an iPad launch at the toy store is imminent.

    And there's photographic evidence to back up the claim. Obtained during an employee training session, the pic clearly illustrates the iPad 2 presented in some form of employee training and testing process - something that would naturally take place shortly before a new product launch.

    If the iPad 2 joins the Toys R' Us product roster next month, it will mark yet another significant move by Apple to expand the company's retail horizon. From Best Buy and Walmart to Target and (possibly) now Toys R' Us, the second generation Apple tablet is clearly receiving no shortage of shelf exposure across the broad consumer retail sector.

    We'll keep our ears close to the ground on this one and provide follow-up information regarding a potential Toys R' Us iPad 2 launch as soon as more details - or evidence - becomes available.


    Product knowledge sheet for employees to become familiar with the iPad 2

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    1. Andrewji's Avatar
      Andrewji -
      Even if this seems to be a bit outdated but in my oppinion children shops like Toys r Us or other comanpys should not sell such an device like the iPad.

      It's the same with Computer Games, there are too much children out there that start to play Games with around 8 Years or even earlier. I've seen one of those kids by myself, being a 12 Year old loner for the simple reason that he sits infront of the xBox, iPad, Computer the whole day.

      On the other hand the iPad has a good amount of other features and is not only made to be used for playing games all-night-long. It's great for people that have to complete tasks while being on some kind of vacation, business tasks or writing.

      Like it has been said already, kids are getting fat, lazy and unhealthy. Even worser, being loners.
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