• Finally, Power a MacBook Air with C size Batteries

    So you and your MacBook Air are stranded in the middle of nowhere without access to an AC outlet and you just happen to have an entire crate full of C size batteries. What are you going to do? Well, if you’ve planned ahead and brought along Bird Electron's latest external battery pack, you won’t have anything to worry about. Bird Electronics has just released an auxiliary power supply for the MacBook Air that runs on 8 C size batteries. Yes, you heard me.

    You’ll also need an Apple MagSafe Airline Power Adapter to connect to the power supply. Apple has yet to license its proprietary MagSafe adapter to third party developers and like other external battery manufactures, you’ll need one of these in order to operate the unit.

    Bird Electronics External Power supply will set you back about $250 (¥19,800). The unit weighs in at 3.3 pounds, which is actually a little heavier than a 13-inch MacBook Air. But wait there’s more. With a full load of 8 C size batteries onboard, you’ll be able to power your laptop for two whole hours.

    For the same amount of money you could just as easily buy a HyperJuice External Battery that can power a 13-inch MacBook Air for 21 hours. You’ll still need to pick up a MagSafe adapter first though.

    So if you think you’re going to be in a situation one day, where the only power supply available to you is a box full of C batteries, then be sure to pick up a Bird Electronics External Power supply. You won’t regret it. And remember, batteries not included.

    Source: Cult of Mac
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