• OS X Lion To Support Chrome-Like Browser Only Mode

    Apple was able to sneak an interesting little feature into the latest build of the OS X Lion beta: Restart to Safari.

    The option boots the computer into just the web browser. The user has no ability to access any other applications of features of the computer or operating system. While the restart to browser mode does resemble Google's ultra-lightweight Chrome OS operating system, the motivation for this mode appears to be far different.

    Safari on its own is not desoigned to be an easily modified web browser based operating system. MacRumors proposes that new mode could be used to cripple Lion so that it can be used as a "secure and anonymous web kiosk."

    Another possibility is this allows guests to boot the computer and browse the web allowing the newly outed Lion "Find My Mac" to locate stolen devices based on IP addresses without sacrificing the users private information.

    Whatever Apple's intentions, the feature is still an interesting one.

    Source: MacRumors
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