• Adobe Updates iPad Apps For Photoshop

    Adobe has released an update for their three iPad Photoshop companion apps, adding a few very useful features.

    Adobe Eazel, a five-finger touch based application for artists to create paintings, now allow users to browse their previous works via an image gallery. Also, the ability to open and save artwork within the app itself has been added. Thank God.

    Adobe Color Lava, an application that allows users to create custom colors for immediate use in Photoshop, now has the ability to capture images using the iPad 2's camera and using them for inspiration when mixing colors.

    Adobe Nav, an application that extends a number of Photoshop tools and functions to the iPad, no has the ability to transfer images directly from the iPad into Photoshop CS5 for editing.

    These updates seems to address a number of the minor complaints users had with some of the basic "Why not?" questions regarding limitations of the applications. They don't seem to be revolutionary or game changing in the update, but they do make the Photoshop to iPad integration more seamless.

    Source: DP Review
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    1. Daerid's Avatar
      Daerid -
      I need to upgrade my version of CS5, but am excited to play with these.
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