• Apple Sweet on Sweden for Retail Store Expansion

    The global expansion of Apple's retail presence is continuing at a rapid pace. According to reports published in the online Swedish publication Market.se, Apple has set its sights on Stockholm for a new Apple store. This will mark Apple's inaugural retail venture in this particular nation.

    Clearly, not withstanding the announced departure this week of Apple's retail chief, the company's highly aggressive global retail strategy won't be impeded in the least by the changing of the guard in Apple's retail sector.

    Even though Apple hasn't formally announced its Swedish debut, the company has posted a new job opening that largely spoils the forthcoming surprise. Apple has posted a job listing for a payroll supervisor in the Stockholm region. Although the listing in question doesn't reference an Apple retail store, I think one can figure out what this means even without any further clues. But, yet, there are more clues.

    Market.se tracked down one of the building landlords in Stockholm who said on the record that Apple is becoming a tenant. He says the Cupertino, California-based outfit has had designs on a Swedish-based brick-and-mortar retail store for quite some time. When the the circumstances finally presented themselves for a Stockholm location, Apple was quick to put the wheels in motion.

    As the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this morning, retail is more important now than ever to Apple. As it turns out, more people now visit Apple's stores in a single quarter than the 60 million who visited Disney's four biggest theme parks all of last year.

    If the Stockholm store happens, it will be in good company with other major US and international cities that presently boast an Apple store. Apple has opened "flagship stores" in places like Boston, NYC, Chicago, Tokyo, Osaka, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Perth, Montreal, Munich, Zurich, Paris, Beijing, Glasgow, Honolulu and, of course, the magnificent structure in Shanghai.

    Source: Market.se
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