• iPhone 3GS . . . Waterproof?! No Way!

    Apple apparently forgot to introduce another fancy new feature of the iPhone 3GS besides the 'oleophobic' finish, iPhone 3GS is waterproof as well, wait what?!

    A youtube user named KhenaKara took his brand new iPhone 3GS on video recording trip by the pool side and while shooting, it accidently fell into the pool. To his surprise, nothing happened to the phone at all . . . The phone was still recording and worked perfectly as usual. Though the phone had a rubber case around, there was no other kind of waterproof protection on it!

    Even after that incident, his iPhone works regularly. However, he lost his warranty, which might trouble him in the long run.

    [KhenaKara via CNet]

    P.S. Folks don't try this at home. The iPhone is definitely not supposed do it
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