• Safari Download Manager [NEW IN CYDIA]

    Say there's a file you want to download while you're on the go. And all you've got is your iPhone. Maybe it's a movie your friend uploaded, or you want to access an ftp:// url, or you need to grab an mp3 off some band's site. What are you gonna do?

    Safari Download Manager, in Cydia now as a paid (just $2) package, is a nifty little tool to let you grab these files and more straight to ~/Library/Downloads on your iPhone. Users can configure which types of files you want downloaded using SDM (Safari Download Manager), although it comes pre-configured with most of the common sense file types. The extension allows you to download multiple files at once, and keep browsing while downloads are completing - you get a new tab at the bottom of Safari.app with a badge showing you how many downloads are currently going.

    The Downloads tab allows you to fully manage your downloads - you can clear the list of completed downloads one at a time or all at once, and the same is true for canceling current downloads. A progress indicator shows you speed, percentage, and size of each active download.

    Built by Dustin Howett and Youssef Francis, SDM is a steal at $2 for anyone who wants to do mobile downloading. I've been using it a few days now, and the latest version works smooth and the way you'd want it to.

    This is a huge step up from the Safari Download Plugin of the past - which took over your entire Safari.app the duration of the download, and was extremely unconfigurable.

    Here's their description:
    This extension brings a full download manager to Safari, complete with running and controlling multiple downloads, accessible via a new toolbar item. This is an improvement on other existing extensions that take over the currently displayed document to display status information, hindering your navigation. Safari Download Manager (SDM) allows you to continue browsing while downloads are taking place (and can even download in the background, as Safari will not exit if there are any pages loaded).
    Users can configure filetypes to download and add their own extensions and mimetypes to the download list.
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    1. jaykain's Avatar
      jaykain -
      I have the latest one it worked good on 4.3.2 but now on4.3.3 when I download large file it says file not supported can any one help me out it works on small files
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Quote Originally Posted by jaykain View Post
      I have the latest one it worked good on 4.3.2 but now on4.3.3 when I download large file it says file not supported can any one help me out it works on small files
      Go into your main Settings App->Safari Download Manager->Filetypes, then choose which file types you want SDM to recognize and make sure they're ON. You can also add your own.

      I'm on 4.3.1, so beyond this I don't think I can help
    1. jaykain's Avatar
      jaykain -
      In ifile md5 shows calculating it takes about an hour before it is done
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by elogix View Post
      hmm.. it seems very usefull!!
      It doesn't currently work with iOS 5 yet - but it is indeed a useful tweak.
    1. Chad83's Avatar
      Chad83 -
      Are there any tweaks like this that work on 5.0? Also how soon will this be updated for 5.0?
    1. aseyhmus's Avatar
      aseyhmus -
    1. wp7talk's Avatar
      wp7talk -
      That seems like a pretty good cydia app. It would be great if you can integrate more feature into it. How about adding support for Dropbox upload or streaming from it? An easy to share options with twitter, Facebook or even YouTube would be a bonus

      For example iPad/ iPhone Download Manager: Turbo Downloader Succumbs Comeptitors ...they mention that Turbo download manager is quite good. Any chance for us to get something similar
    1. GearJamminHank's Avatar
      GearJamminHank -
      As the following video shows, I can't select iFile to open downloaded file without the list snapping back. Is this a bug or is there a setting (that I can't find) to change it?

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