• Lion Server Prices For Business And Education Announced

    Apple finally revealed the price points and deployment plans for business and education customers installing Lion and Lion Server, with prices starting at $29.99 for volume licenses.

    Lion will still be available from the Mac App Store starting for both business and education students. The minimum purchase requirement for volume licenses for business is 20 licenses at $29.99 per license. Maintenance contracts will be available as well for $49.99 with a minimum 20 license purchase. Lion server will cost $49.99 and must be purchased in conjunction with Lion in order to upgrade from Snow Leopard Server.

    Education prices will be the same, however the additional option of purchasing the "Apple Software Collection" for $39 per license for 25 or more licenses. The collection includes Lion, iLife, and iWork.

    Installing a volume license is as simple as copying the original Lion installer downloaded from the Mac App Store to the non-updated system and running it from the applications folder. Also, the usual NetInstall network server solution remains unchanged from previous OS X server editions. Users will still have the ability to host the Lion installer on their network as a startup disk to help make deployment easier across multiple computers.

    The oddity though is the price differential between Snow Leopard Server and Lion server. Snow Leopard server cost $499, but came with unlimited licensing. Priced at $49.99 it seems like a stretch that Apple would extend the same courtesy. However, a Apple sales rep PC Mag spoke to believes that Lion Server will come with unlimited client licenses as well. The only caveat is that all systems being upgraded must be at minimum upgraded from Snow Leopard. So any companies running a bunch of OS X tiger machines will need to first upgrade to Snow Leopard then Lion. Which could get pricey.

    Source: PC Mag

    Source: Apple
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