• iCloud To Seamlessly Resolve File Conflicts With Cloud Versioning

    John Gruber, tech blogger and co-host of "The Talk Show," revealed some information regarding how iCloud will resolve file conflicts between devices when backing up each version the file.

    Gruber mentioned during his show that iCloud will "make a decision and it will decide which one is the best," when a file conflict arises server side. According to Gruber this is what Jobs meant when he said "The truth is in the Cloud." iCloud will push what it deems as the right version of the file too all devices associated with the account.

    Currently MobileMe prompts the user when a file conflict arises requiring them to manually solve the conflict. iCloud will allow the user to do something similar if the file version iCloud deems as "The Truth," is in fact not. The alternate versions of the file are still stored in the cloud and users will be able to pick the correct one and have it pushed to all devices according to Gruber.

    Gruber asserts he "know this," as opposed to his claims being speculation. It sounds feasible and goes along with Apple's mantra of "it just works." Not to mention it appears to be a cloud-based implementation of Lion's "Versioning" feature.

    Source: MacStories
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