• Apple Attempted To Make Black MacBook Air

    Apparently the night terrors I used to have of a giant black Macbook Air terrorizing my hometown Cloverfield-style were warranted. Apple attempted to bring a black MacBook Air to market, but failed.

    According to an anonymous Apple employee, who contacted MacRumors after they ran a story claiming the next MacBook Air would have a black option, the black powder-coated MAs weren't up to Apple standards. The coating absorbed body oils and failed to get the Jobs seal of approval.

    The rumors that the next iteration of the MBA's will have an optional black finish is grounded in truth.

    We tried to powder coat the Air's (and Pro's for that matter) in black as a test run. There are more than a few floating around campus.

    The coating looks good and holds up well, but it also soaks up body oils, making the palm rest look pretty gross. Ultimately that is the reason that the top brass (Jobs) killed the idea... it was just too easy to make the computer look like crap.

    At some point we may offer a black coating, but it won't be powder coat, and it won't be anytime soon.
    Hopefully Apple figures this out, cause a matte-back MA is just what I need so I can sleep through the night.

    Source: MacRumors
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