• Relatively Minor Update for Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme?

    After commenting on new Mac Pros, Mac Minis, and MacBook Airs, MICgadget.com also put in its two cents for the upcoming update for Apple's networking products, the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme. They claim that they have word that the updates for these products will not be particularly significant, tempering mild talks of a completely revamped product.

    MICgadget claims that the Time Capsule will come with a low-consumption hard drive that is specifically optimized for Apple's Time Capsule Firmware. This would be an extremely small change , and one not really noticeable to the user at all. I would be surprised if this is the only change that Apple has in store for the new Time Capsule. They add that we might see a 3TB option, but I wouldn't count on it.

    The AirPort Extreme is said to be outfitted with six internal antennae built-in to drastically improve signal strength, which is certainly not bad. MICgadget adds that users may be able to broadcast three separate Wi-Fi networks (two normal and one guest) instead of the current two.

    Like has been reported recently, it is also expected that the new products will also cache updates for Lion and iOS 5, allowing users to update their devices much faster than they can currently, because the information is immediately downloaded to the AirPort device when it becomes available. None of these updates indicate a major product redesign, just some nifty little new features.

    There's no telling how valid these reports are, although much of what's been said here is in line with other sources. These products could be released as early as Wednesday.

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