• TorrentTRAK: Remote Control BitTorrent Downloads From Your iPhone

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    It's possible to spend absurd amounts of time setting up, monitoring and managing BitTorrent downloads and seeds, and if you find that your Transmission machine is somewhere different (i.e. home) from where you spend much of your time (i.e. work), the ability to set up remote access to Transmission is of enormous value. TorrentTRAK is a remote Transmission interface for the iPhone or iPod touch that allows you to view all the details of the Transmission BitTorrent interface in a native iPhone app, rather than using Safari on the iPhone.

    TorrentTRAK requires you to set up remote access on Transmission, which is a one click process (Preferences - Remote - Enable remote access). With TorrentTRAK running on your iPhone, you just add the Transmission computer's IP address (Mac or PC). You can access Transmission from outside your local network by using either a static IP set by your provider or one you set using a service like DynDNS, or just determining the dynamically assigned IP and hoping the router doesn't reset.

    TorrentTRAK is a commercial program (USD$0.99) with a free trial through Rock Your Phone.
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      Updated TorrentTRAK to allow for iPad support. This is initial iPad compatibility, will be working on interface improvements shortly.
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