• iPhone 4 is Flickr's Favorite Photography Phone

    Not only has the iPhone 4 emerged as the most popular camera phone on Flickr, it is now the most popular camera used to upload images to the ever-popular web service. It ousted the Nikon D90 at the top, despite only being available to the public for a year (in the U.S., that is).

    The news gets even better for Apple, as the second most popular camera phone on Flickr is none other than the iPhone 3G (by a longshot, however), in fact the only non-Apple iPod/iPhone in the top five is the Evo 4G.

    As the phone's in our pockets gain the ability to take pictures that are almost as nice as consumer-level digital camera, it's no surprise to see these stats from Flickr. Many people forego purchasing or upgrading their digital cameras because of their iPhones (myself included). In fact, this isn't the first time an iPhone's been at the top, the original iPhone topped the charts in 2008 as well.

    As other mobile manufacturers scramble, the Apple train just keeps on chugging along, with positive numbers, even as it has been more than a year since Apple hasn't announced any new iPhone hardware in over a year. It's good to be in Cupertino right now, isn't it.

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    1. Ikemann888's Avatar
      Ikemann888 -
      Hopefully iPhone 5 with 8 mega pixel will be more favorite Photography Phone.
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