• FCC Test Results Leak New Apple Airport Extreme

    The Federal Communications Commission has confirmed the imminent refresh of Apple's Airport Extreme product line by posting wireless test results for the device.

    Per usual Apple filed a request to keep proprietary details confidential, which means the gritty details of the device aren't laid out in the filing. The device, referred to as model A1408, was tested using both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz base-bands. The only other real information provided in the filing is the above picture in which the FCC provides a mockup of where Apple would place their compliance label.

    The quiet release of updated Time Capsule drives this morning, and the release of this filing seems to confirm more Apple product refreshes are on the way. However, details of whether or not the 450mbps Wireless N standard will be supported still can't be confirmed.

    It's shaping up to be an expensive few months for Apple fanatics.

    Source: CNET, FCC
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