• Samsung Denies Alleged Talks With Apple Over Patent Dispute

    Samsung has now denied the claim made by an Apple attorney that high-level executives from the companies have met to try and resolve their mishmash of patent disputes.

    The corporate spin continues between the two best frenemies in the tech industry.

    "We are unaware of any meetings or discussions between the two sides over this matter," Samsung said in a statement to V3.co.uk. Sounds like a bunch of non-talk to me. Why an Apple attorney would assert executives on both sides had spoken adn taken interest in the matter, when they in fact have not, and during a hearing of all places, is beyond me. Apparently the game of corporate frienemy public relations is a fickle beast unable to be tamed.

    A U.S. Disctrict Court Judge even offered to send boxes of chocolates to both parties involved as a bribe to hasten out-of-court settlement. While the photos provided in the initial suit by Apple against Samsung would raise the brow of even the dimmest judge, the ongoing patent suit game of volleyball that has developed as a result is ridiculous.

    Still comments by Apple COO Tim Cook make the matter all the more confusing:

    We felt the mobile communication division of Samsung had crossed the line, and after trying for some time to work out the issue, we decided we needed to rely on the courts.
    Wait so Apple and Samsung were in talks before the suit about patent infringement? Maybe this is what Apple's attorney was talking about. Still, despite all the lobbing of harsh legal language at each other, the two companies remain steadfast business partners as Apple is Samsung's second largest client with $5.7 billion in orders last year.

    It almost feels like the companies are Intellectual Property in-laws forced to business with each other.

    Source: V3
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