• Apple Loses iCloud Chief to HealthTeacher

    On Tuesday, we learned that Apple has lost another prominent executive - this time, John Herbold, the senior project manager of iCloud. According to a press release this afternoon from HealthTeacher, Herbold's new employer, the former Apple executive parted ways with his Cupertino colleagues earlier this month and has now come aboard a youth curriculum provider.

    "Most recently at Apple," the statement reads, "John played a key role in the creation, development and launch of iCloud and led the development and marketing of Photo Stream. Prior to launching iCloud, John was a Senior Product Manager on Apple’s MobileMe team. While at Apple, John defined, shipped and marketed numerous products including iPhone and iPad apps, web apps and cloud services."

    John Herbold joins HealthTeacher as Vice President of Product, where he will lead the development of interactive products focused on improving youth health.

    Apple, which will launch iCloud this fall, hasn't publicly commented yet on Herbold's departure, although the company was reportedly less dependent on Herbold's services than they were other recently departed executives, including Apple's chief of retail operations, Ron Johnson, who announced one week ago today that he will be leaving Apple to become the new CEO of JC Penney.

    Source: HealthTeacher
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