• Apple COO Tim Cook Reportedly Visits China Mobile

    On May 19th, MMi reported that China Mobile had reached a definitive agreement with Apple that obligates the iPhone maker to - at some undefined point in the relatively near future - support the Chinese carrier's fourth-generation TD-LTE data network. Although the parties were believed to have "reached consensus," no other details provided with regard to Apple's plans for implementation of the fourth-generation technology.

    Today, however, we may have uncovered further reason to believe that a major announcement is forthcoming regarding a partnership between Apple and China Mobile - one that could introduce the iPhone to the carrier's 600 million subscribers. On Wednesday, First Financial Daily in China reported - along with inconclusive photographic evidence - that Apple COO Tim Cook had a high-level meeting with executives at China Mobile today.

    A Chinese reporter from First Financial Daily (one of the most prosperous financial papers in China) managed to take a picture of Tim Cook walking in the lobby of China Mobileís HQ, and there are 7-8 people walking along with Cook. And Cook seemed to be happy.
    For the time being, the iPhone remains "officially available" in China to China Unicom subscribers. But as of the end of March, China Mobile boasted of more wireless subscribers than any carrier on the world stage. For both Apple and its potential carrier partner, a deal to bring the iPhone 4 and future generation models to Chinese consumers represents billions in presently untapped revenue over the coming years.

    In recent months, Apple and its executives have been particularly hush-hush about any and all potential dealings with China Mobile.

    Source: MICgadget
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