• Apple Named to Board of Directors for Bluetooth Special Interest Group

    Although reports surfaced this week that Apple has joined the board of directors of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, it's more accurate to report that Apple was "named" to the board. If you're unfamiliar, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group guides the development of standards and licensing for bluetooth technology. So from the organization's perspective, having the sage input of knowledgeable board members is pivotal.

    This week, Apple and Nordic Semiconductor got the nod from bluetooth body, which has already acquired the advisory services of other tech heavyweights like Intel, Motorola, Lenovo, Nokia, and Microsoft, to name just a few. Like the others, Apple will now have a voice in forming policy and guiding direction with regard to the technology in question.

    Like Nordic, Apple will serve a two-year term - a period that, based on published reports, will commence July 1st. Although Nordic's CEO was quick to comment on the lofty appointment his company received, Apple hasn't drafted a press release or even uttered a single word about the board appointment.

    According to PC World, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has an expansive membership of 13,000 companies around the world. In 2008, the SIG said that its members had shipped over 2 billion Bluetooth devices over the last ten years.

    Source: PC World
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