• New Time Capsules Torn Apart, Not Much New

    The extremely quiet launch of Apple's fourth generation Time Capsule made a feather like splash for a reason. Very little has changed.

    French Mac site MacBidouille pulled apart the new Time Capsules and found a Western Digital Caviar Green HDD, which is widely considered a consumer grade HDD. This wouldn't be a big problem, but Apple touts the hard drive as "server grade" in the Time Capsules description.

    The server grade equivalent of WD Caviar Green drive is the RE4-GP, and after comparing the drives there is honestly little difference. Both have the ability to run with a dynamic spin speed, which allows the drive to conserve power while keeping the drive running at all times. Even more, the RE4 line does not have a 3TB option available, which is why Apple most likely went wit the Caviar Green drives.

    The only change that has been found with both the new Time Capsules and Airport Extreme base stations is the devices output about 2.8 times more power as measure by iFixit. This increase in power could boost the devices' range by 60 percent, but that estimate is under ideal conditions.

    While it seems odd Apple would soft launch these products, with no official announcement, it does seem likely more information about new capabilities hidden in iOS 5 and Lion will be outed when the new operating systems are released.

    Source: Electronista
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