• Best Buy Not Shipping MacBook Airs Ahead of Refresh

    Weeks have come and gone without the rumored MacBook Air refresh actually happening, however it appears the wait may be over soon. Best Buy has stopped shipping MBAs from their online site.

    All four models of the MBA are now classified as "unavailable for shipping." This usually indicates supplies are extremely limited and the big-box retailer is focusing on keeping what remains of its inventory in physical stores. Best Buy has been a popular hotspot for imminent product refreshes as the company often puts dummy "SKUs" in their inventory system in the anticipation of a product launch ro refresh.

    A 9 to 5 mac reader Doug noticed that on bestby.co.uk "you can only order to collect the 128GB MBA in store and itís only in stock in a few stores. The other MBAís are totally out of stock."

    While constrained supply like this isn't a guarantee the refresh is coming, more often than not supply constraints like this are a good indicator of an imminent release. If Apple is smart they'll update the MBAs before the July 4 weekend and take advantage of everyone else drawing customers out with their patriotic sales.

    Source: 9 to 5 Mac
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