• Add A Second Line To Your iPhone with Line2

    For only $15 a month, you can apparently add a second line to your iPhone. Using the new Application Line2, and VoIP provider Toktumi, that will allow you to have a fully functioning second line, including visual voicemail. This could be ideal for small business users, and for those of you that really love to talk.

    The service is available in US and Canada and comes with the first month FREE. The following month's are billed in at $14.95. The appstore seems to contradict some pricing points, but if you head over to Toktumi's website, you can see the price rates there.

    Most of the VOIP apps available on the AppStore require a WiFi connection, but in the case of Line2, this app will work on both WiFi and 3G. There is also a plethora of features bundled in as well, including call waiting and call transfer, conference calling with up to 20 people, and integration with Toktumi's hosted PBX service.

    No Cell Reception at Home or Work? Cell bills too high? Line2 adds a second number to your iPhone that works over 3G, WiFi or Cellular networks.

    Make and receive calls no matter where you are - using VoIP when you can, and cellular when necessary - all from the same number.

    Your phone will automatically detect the cheapest way to make a call - you don't have to think about it. Ideal if you have poor cell reception at your home or office or just want to reduce your cell bill.

    Comes packed with powerful features - combines the best elements of Skype and Google Voice, but adds business-grade features, reliability, and live customer support.

    Try it free for 30 days, then pay just $14.95/month for unlimited US/Canada calling and ultra-low cost international calling from your iPhone.
    Download from the AppStore - [Link]
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