• Apple Releases Thunderbolt Cable, Thuderbolt RAID Array, Outs New Mac Pros?

    Apple released a $49 Thunderbolt cable today allowing users to connect two Mac's together, use an iMac as a display for a Thunderbolt equipped MacBook Pro or connect the non-plethora of Thunderbolt equipped accessories to their Thunderbolt equipped Macs.

    To help ease the anemic amount of Thunderbolt equipped storage solutions, Apple is now stocking Promise's Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt RAID system in their online Apple store. The RAID array comes in either 6 TB ($1,499) or 12 TB ($1,999) options. If only I had the extra cash to take advantage of the devices 800 MB/s transfer speeds when arranged in RAID 0.

    The strangest bit of news though is in one of the product pictures the Pegasus drives are pictured with a Mac Pro, despite the drives only having two Thunderbolt ports on the back. As of now the Mac Pros do not have Thunderbolt ports, although their successors which have been rumored to be nearing release will. Is this a case of Apple accidentally showing their new Mac Pros just a little bit early? It wouldn't make sense to show incompatible products together.

    Source: Apple
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