• Apple Reportedly Issuing Refunds to Dissatisfied Final Cut Pro X Buyers

    Apple has had its hands full with the public backlash surrounding the arrival of the less-than-impressive revamped Final Cut Pro X. As Phillip Swanson reported Friday, Apple has been blasted like never before in the wake of a new release. The software, hands down, is the most poorly rated piece of first-party software in the online Apple store, Phil noted in his report, which took care to reiterate how FCP X has been derided as "iMovie Pro" by critics.

    It should then come as little surprise that reports have surfaced Tuesday that Apple has begun issuing refunds to some of the most dissatisfied FCP X buyers. Even for Apple, having to relinquish those $299 Mac App Store purchases must be tough. Still, in the face of such widespread public displeasure (or outrage depending on your established affinity for the software), Apple really doesn't have much choice in this matter.

    Still, reports of a new universal refund policy may be premature, as my calls to Apple customer service did not yield an acknowledgment of this reported return phenomenon. Consequently, there are no guarantees that you'll get a refund, should you actually seek one. We are simply on the receiving end of what some dissatisfied Apple customers are reporting.

    "Just got my email from APPLE," one unhappy customer posted in Apple Support Communities today, "at least they're doing what's right and giving refunds on the software. I hope that they can fix the issues for pro editors in the future and make it what it needs to be. I've always been a Final Cut editor and would prefer to NOT move to Premiere and learn it all over again. With this release though they haven't left me much choice. Let the learning begin."

    Source: Apple Support Communities
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