• Apple Sales Estimates Increase, According to Needham

    Charlie Wolf, a market analyst for Needham, has raised his long-term estimates for sales for the Cupertino company. Wolf raised his estimates for both revenue and EPS Forecasts for Apple, which he based on his predictions of success for future products, particularly the iPad and upcoming line of Macs.

    Wolf now estimates revenue of $103 Billion in 2011, with an EPS of $25. This is increased slightly from the $101 Billion/$23.90 estimates. FY 2012 estimates look even more positive according to Wolf, with an estimated revenue of $130 Billion. Wolf cited “unprecedented worldwide demand” for the iPad 2 as a basis for his new analysis. Wolf believes that iPad competitors have made no more than an “imperceptible dent” in the iPad’s market. He puts simply, the competition falls “woefully short.”

    Also raising his sales estimates for the Mac, Wolf estimates a quarter-to-quarter growth of over 22% for Q3, with an assumed increase for Q4 (which makes sense with many Macs slated for a refresh quite soon), Wolf indicates that Apple may have a chance to sell five million Macs in Q4.

    We’ll have to wait and hear just how good the news will be for Apple in the coming months, but it can’t be bad that market analysts are improving their already impressive predictions for Apple. We’ll be sure to re-evaluate at the next Apple earnings call.

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