• iPhone 4 Apps Run on iPad, Vice Versa

    We now have unsurprising but welcome confirmation that apps designed for iPhone 4 will run at full resolution on the larger screen of the iPad. The devs behind the "Make Coffee" app put up a demo on their website showing the quality of their new iPhone 4-scaled app on the iPad, calling the results "unbelievable!" AppleInsider, in their coverage of the demo, notes what is - to me at least - a more satisfying discovery: iPad "HD" apps will run unmodified on iPhone 4.

    According to Apple, any apps written for iOS 4 will use higher-resolution screen controls when run on the iPad or iPhone 4. The fact that apps that are written for iPhone 4 will also scale to run on the (slightly) larger screen of the iPad will limit the extra fiddling that would be required for devs to come out with separate iPhone 4, iPad, and iPhone "classic" versions of their apps. Of course, it'll also increase the pressure on devs to focus on a single version, and over time more and more apps will be released only for the newer "HD" platform, leaving a hundred million "classic" owners out in the cold.

    AppleInsider also highlights the little-noticed fact that iPhone 4 will be able to use the iPad's VGA video-out cable, so you can hook your iPhone up to any VGA display or projector for 1024x768 video. There's no hardware support for HDMI, though, so even if you download an HD video to your iPhone it will be displayed at lower res. Hmm… is HD video out for iOS waiting for the iTV?
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