• Asian Supply Chain Hints at Major iPhone, iPad Refreshes in October

    Major news out of the Asian supply chain this morning. Trusted Taiwanese news source DigiTimes is reporting major developments in the iDevice world for September and October. Based on "industry chatter," DigiTimes is calling for both a third-generation iPad and fifth-generation iPhone this fall.

    According to the article in question, both devices will "debut in small quantities" in September and in large volume in October. Apple's iPad 3 should be “even thinner and lighter." Sources say panel resolution will spike to 250dpi. Few other details are known about what additional features a 3rd generation iPad would sport.

    The supply chain is knocking down another long-standing rumor that Apple will release more than one version of the iPhone 5 this September. DigiTimes says there won't be two or more phones after all. Sources, however, pointed out that the iPhone 5's supply volume is "estimated to be around 6-7 million units in the third quarter and with the addition of iPhone 4 shipments, total iPhone shipments in the quarter will reach 24-25 million units with volumes to maintain at the same level in the fourth quarter."

    Since Apple is also set to start supplying iPad 3 in August, the shipments of iPad series products including iPad 2 are expected to surpass 15 million units, and iPad's supply volume for 2011 will have a good chance to break 40 million units.
    If accurate (about the iPad 3 rumor, that is), this development will directly fly in the face of conflicting reports which suggested - quite convincingly - that the iPad 2 would be Apple's only tablet release this year.

    Source: DigiTimes
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