• OS X Lion Client Version Supports Virtualization

    Here's something new we're hearing about the latest release of OS X Lion that came out today, it appears that the client version of Lion, as in the copy that will sell for $30 in the Mac App Store, will be allow native virtualization, a feature that has previously only been found in Mac OS X Server, and started with the release of OS X 10.5 Leopard.

    Users have been able to run virtualized Operating Systems on Mac for years using third-party solutions such as VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop to some success, but native virtualization is a huge step forward, and something I believe should have been a featured topic when Lion was introduced last month. This native virtualization enhances the Mac's compatibility prowess beyond both of those programs.

    It should be noted, it appears that Lion will only allow users to run sandboxed versions of Mac OS X, such as Snow Leopard, and won't feature support for Windows (although there's always Boot Camp) or any other OS. Users should also note that the EULA states that each Virtual Machine must have its own unique license number. It allows up to two additional copies or "instances" of Apple Software within virtual environments.

    This will impact developers, because this will allow simpler backwards and forward compatibility testing, allowing them test Mac Apps on multiple versions of Mac OS. Also enterprise users will benefit from the added functionality. This is just one of the many indications that Apple is blurring the lines between Server and Client offerings in OS X Lion
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