• Samsung Drops Countersuit Against Apple But The Fight Goes On

    Samsung is mitigating the legal fireworks this 4th of July holiday weekend between itself and the folks at Apple. However, despite more than a few media reports which incorrectly make it sound as though Samsung has fully capitulated and abandoned all efforts to continue its patent fight against Apple, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Samsung is simply "withdrawing a countersuit" against Apple as the tech giants continue to battle over - what else? - patent infringement. But by no means has Samsung begun waving a white flag. Instead, the company seems to be "falling back and regrouping--consolidating its legal position and business operations."

    Samsung Electronics Co. revealed in a written statement to Bloomberg that it will continue to defend its patent rights through a counter-claim in an earlier suit Apple filed in April at the federal court in San Jose, California. The suit in question was dropped only as a means to better "streamline the legal proceedings."

    The showdown between Apple and Samsung began when Apple took the first shot, claiming that Samsung violated Apple's patents with regard to the design of Galaxy-branded phone and tablet devices. So despite this countersuit withdrawal, plenty of rancor continues to define the relationship between the two tech companies. Just last week, in fact, Apple sought a "preliminary injunction" on four Samsung products. The move complemented Samsung's recent complaint with the US International Trade Commission asking for the body to impost an import ban on Apple products.

    Source: Bloomberg
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