• Google Has Fun With Numbers

    Google may not have won a share of Nortel's patent library last week (Apple, RIM, Sony, Ericsson, and EMC did), but they probably had the most fun placing bids during the auction.

    Google, following their initial stalking horse bid, put forth the following bids of:
    • $1,902,160,540
    • $2,614,972,128
    • $3.14159 billion

    For the blessed few out there smart enough understand the two numbers before the Pi reference, Google used Brun's constant, and Meisel-Mertens constant as bids. Obviously these mathematical numerals were scaled up into the billions, but it is a little concerning for Android developers that Google was bidding almost carelessly on possibly the most valuable set of patents in the telecom industry.

    I'm not sure exactly why Google would do this, Reuters is reporting sources said "Either they were supremely confident or they were bored." I'm going to go with confident. But, that confidence let them get outbid by a consortium with much more standing cash to spend than Google. The result, Google loses out on a collection patents that could have positioned them in a seat of power in the mobile computing and communications world. Also, they look like grade-A bags of douche.

    Source: Reuters
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