• iTunes Alone May Generate $13 Billion in Revenue for Apple by 2013

    Analyst Trip Chowdhry with Global Equities Research is drawing attention to the massive projected revenue streams Apple will enjoy from it's iTunes platform within the next two years. If accurate, Chowdhry's predictions show iTunes growing at the speed of light relative to previous years.

    The International Business Times, which obtained the investor note written by Chowdhry, reported the analyst's expectations, which contend that iTunes is on pace to grow at a rate of about 39% over the next 3 years and may generate upwards of $13 billion in revenues for Apple in fiscal 2013 alone.

    Incredible but true, e-Books may ultimately prove to be just as big of a driver of iTunes growth as music is. Chowdhry says this reality will be greatly aided by the fact that more publishers are now supporting Apple's iBook format called ePub versus Amazon's Kindle format. "Our research with students indicates that they would rather have books on iPad vs. Kindle," Chowdhry penned to this clients.

    "In terms of usability of iBook vs. Kindle application on iPad - on a scale of 10, iBook is probably 8 and kindle application on iPad is probably 5," Chowdhry argues, noting that the "Kindle application lacks the finish and crispness of an iBook."

    Ultimately, of course, no one yet knows for certain what 2013 will bring in terms of concrete iTunes revenue. However, it is substantially more apparent just how much money Apple stands to make this year. For fiscal 2011, Chowdhry projects revenues of $104.08 Billion and earnings of $25.09 a share. Those numbers represent an increase of 59.8 percent and 65.6 percent respectively over 2010.

    Source: The International Business Times
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