• Flash for iOS Official: Comex's "Frash" Project

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adouTnXgelE]YouTube - Frash for iOS[/ame]

    Comex has amazed the jailbreak scene once again by officially naming and demonstrating his Flash player for Safari in iOS, "Frash." It is actually a port of the Flash player available for Android 2.2, the first release of Android to officially support Flash (aside from the Flash Lite used on SenseUI phones). The source for the Frash project is actually publicly available right now on his GitHub, and while it apparently only works for iPad at the moment, he has plans to get it working on the 3G S and eventually the 4, as well.

    Most of us are aware of the previous solutions to getting Flash on the iPhone, including Javascript "Flash players" like Smokescreen, or web-side rendering like CloudBrowse, but this would be the first REAL Flash player for iPhone, integrated right into MobileSafari.
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