• Some Apple TV Users Unable To Stream Netflix

    Complaints from Apple TV users started cropping up July 1 that streaming movies over Apple's set-top box was not working. Wired.com was able to confirm with a Netflix spokesman that "a small number of Apple TV decices were experiencing technical issues with the service."

    According to the same spokesman the issues have been fixed. The errors received by users over the weekend were 111, 112, and 115 messages when trying to watch a movie via Netflix's streaming service. Obviously this poses a problem for the Apple TV 2 as the device's focus is supposed to be streaming rentals instead of downloads.

    It appears the problem was on the shoulders of Netflix rather than Apple thouugh. Netflix changed some parts of the backend of their streaming service, and older not updated Apple TV's (those without firmware 4.2.2) appeared to be the ones affected. A simple update to 4.2.2 seems to have fixed most of the problems.

    I know it isn't the most crazy popular device, but have any ModMyi readers had problems with their Apple TV's this weekend?

    Source: Wired
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