• Upcoming MacBook Airs to Sport Faster Nand Flash Chips, Possibly Fly

    Apple's MacBook Airs impress already, especially the solid-state drive option. Being able to turn your laptop on instantly, with virtually no boot time tickles the inner-geek.

    According to Macotakara.jp, the already blazing fast (albeit multimedia limited) MBAs are going to get even faster 400Mbps NAND Flash storage chips in the upcoming refresh. In addition to being faster than the current MBA SSD solution, the chips are going to forgo the current mSATA connector and be soldered directly on the motherboard. Supposedly.

    If this proves to be true the new MBAs will pack some serious speed in a very small package. A very small, very expensive package.

    Source: Macotakara.jp [via BGR}
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