• iChatr Pulled From App Store Over "Inappropriate" Use

    It will come as little surprise to many that the iChatr app has been removed by Apple. To be sure, nothing was wrong with the app itself. The problem, however, had to do with how people were using it. Often likened to Chatroulette in concept, iChatr lets users randomly connect with other users via the iPhone 4 - sort of like what an internet dating service would provide, minus all the needless attention on predetermined compatibility.

    As it turns out, Apple felt it had no choice but to pull the plug after one too many complaints were filed noting that users were... shall we say, using iChatr inappropriately. As reported by 9to5Mac, "The iChatr application has currently been removed from the App Store due to reports of a number of users exposing themselves during the random video chat sessions." Oh, the joys of a front-facing smartphone camera! And unless the developer figures out a way to curb this unfortunate trend, it looks as though iChatr won't be able to call the App Store home. Of course, it is a safe bet that any app capable of randomly pairing iPhone 4 owners in a video chat will ultimately have similar problems.

    A few days after iChatr was released, I was contacted by more than a few iChatr users who expressed their concern with the company they found themselves keeping. Although no one reported the same problem to me that allegedly caused Apple to swiftly yank the app, one MMi reader bluntly put it this way: "I've never met creepier people in my life." To be fair, it's nearly impossible to fault the app's makers, Apple, or the iPhone 4 for this issue. Whenever random video chats are possible, the possibilities (good or bad) are endless. And it's only a matter of time before incidents like these are "exposed" - pun intended.

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