• Steve Jobs Biography Gets a New, Less 'Cute' Title

    Earlier this year, the world learned that Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally capitulated and agreed to participate in a new - and, yes, authorized - book about his professional life and storied career in the tech space. With publisher Simon & Schuster backing the project and writer Walter Isaacson attached, big hopes quickly surfaced that the book would become a bestseller. And in Amazon pre-orders, it already has.

    But there will be one small change to the project before it ultimately makes its way to you in print or via electronic download. The title, it turns out, is changing. It was originally slated to be released as "iSteve: The Book of Jobs." Not anymore. And, incredibly, the title change isn't being demanded by the infamous perfectionist Steve Jobs. Instead, it was author Walter Isaacson who didn't like the "cute" former title.

    The old one, iSteve: The Book of Jobs, was chosen by Simon & Schuster's publicity department. The author, Walter Isaacson, was never quite sure about it. His wife and daughter, however, were. They thought it was too cutesy. And now Isaacson has persuaded his publisher to go with something simpler and more elegant.
    The new title for Steve Jobs's biography shouldn't be too difficult for readers to remember: "Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson." The book will be released on March 6, 2012 (For the time being, however, online retailers offering the book for preorder still have the old title listed).

    Walter Isaacson, the best-selling author behind modern classic biographies of the likes of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, currently serves as the president of the Aspen Institute. He is also the former chairman of CNN and the former managing editor of Time Magazine. Isaacson has reportedly worked on this biography for two years and has logged hundreds of hours of work, interviewing Steve Jobs, members of the Jobs family, colleagues at Apple and even competitors and longtime foes.

    Source: Fortune
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