• Samsung vs Apple Legal Battle Round 257: Apple Files ITC Suit, Plans Assassination

    *video is dramatic prediction of a fake future where life doesn't suck

    Apple filed their own suit against Samsung with the International Trade Commission yesterday. This comes after Samsung filed a similar complaint with the ITC last week. Or was it the week before?

    Honestly, these estranged lovers can only beat on one another so much before the divorce lawyers get involved.

    Apple's suit is seeking an injunction to prevent Samsung from importing Android phones and tablets into the U.S. The complaint cites five utility patents and two design patents that apply to six Samsung smartphones and two tablets. Basically Apple is calling Samsung a copycat:

    Many of Apple's innovations have become so popular and so recognized that they have become virtually synonymous with Apple's products and the Apple brand. Indeed, an Apple product can be readily identified, for example, by the way it operates and interfaces with its users...
    As a result, Apple's innovations and products have been the subject of widespread imitation by Apple's competitors. Others have attempted to capitalize on Apple's success by copying its innovative technology, distinctive user interface and overall product design.- Apple's ITC Suit
    All of this legal ill-will and corporate lawyer jujitsu spells doom for the Apple-Samsung love affair. It was fun while it lasted, but like all highly visible celebrity marriages Apple and Samsung are destined to fail. My only mission is to figure out how Jesse James is involved in all this.

    Source: CNET and FossPatents
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