• Rumor Mill at Full Speed: New Macbook Airs, OS X Lion Next Week

    Numerous reports yesterday citing different sources, all point to the release of OS X Lion and new MacBook Airs next week.

    9to5Mac is reporting "overseas sources" informed them that Apple retail stores are planning overnights on July 13. Everyone familiar with Apple's product release protocol knows this is a good sign of an impending release. These meetings usually entail setting up new displays (or now just updating iPad displays?) and training employees about the new products.

    Also, AppleInsider has received information about a bulletin posted on Apple's internal retail news network informing store management to perform RAM upgrades on certain Mac models on showroom floors by this Sunday. AppleInsider has heard from a separate Apple retail employee that an overnight meeting will be taking place next week at Apple retail stores.

    It appears that OS X Lion will debut sometime next week, with new MBAs debuting alongside or at the latest the following week.

    Or you know, everyone could be wrong again.

    Source: CNET
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