• Glasklart HD : MMi Theme Of The Week

    iPad & iPhone 4 Compatible
    Glasklart HD

    Max Rudberg is the genius behind this extremely popular and complete winterboard theme. The theme has been rethought & remade for retina display on the iPhone 4. Glasklart is optimized for WinterBoard using the snappier™ bundles method, meaning slightly quicker load times.

    Glasklart is a great "Out-of-the-way" transparent WinterBoard theme that tailors to those that want to get more from their background wallpaper. It also plays nice with other themes, almost filling the gap if you have unthemed icons. It really is an well rounded theme, and you probably already know this if you've been using it on your iPhone 3's. At this point in time the HD version includes the bare bones, but you can follow it's development here.

    Glasklart is swedish, it means "clear as glass".
    You can download this theme on the MMi repo right now! If you looking for the iPhone 3/iPod touch version, its now called Glasklart Classic, also available on Cydia through our repo.

    If you want to contribute, grab the template here; http://www.maxthemes.com/downloads/g...d-template.zip

    Staff Picks
    iFlat [Link]

    iFlat is designed by ronaldinho10, and features iOS 4 support. The theme also includes an SBSettings theme to match. This version does not support iPhone 4 users.

    Discuss this theme in the forums.

    Bonus Pick
    MyWi Icon by optimushollywood [Link]

    Here is an interesting icon to play with if your using MyWi. There are two versions to choose from. Although you should be careful as this is a replacement, not a theme for Winterboard. Although it could easily be turned into one.

    Download for iPhone 4 here: Files.zip

    Download for 3G/s here: Files.zip

    Instructions: SSH in, navigate to /Applications/MyWi folder and replace Icon.png

    See you next week for another set of great themes and add-ons.
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