• Secret Service Busts Apple Store Spycam Bandit

    It's one of the most unusual Apple Store-related headlines we've seen on a while. On Friday, news broke that (supposedly) the United States Secret Service - yes, the elite Executive branch agency charged with protecting the President of the United States - busted a Brooklyn artist who planted spycam software on Apple Store computers without permission.

    According to published reports surfacing within the past few hours, "artist" Kyle McDonald claims his personal property was seized by the feds after he tinkered with an art experiment of sorts at two Apple Store locations. It should be noted, however, that McDonald is the only person "confirming" that the Secret Service is on the case.

    Here's how MSNBC describes McDonald's exploits:

    Kyle McDonald wanted to document the way people interacted with computers. So, without permission, he installed software on public computers in two Apple Stores in New York, that took a photo a minute of anything and anyone in front of it. The photos were automatically sent to his home computers.
    "I thought if maybe we could see ourselves doing this we would think more about our computers and how were using them, McDonald says of his controversial exploits. During a 72-hour period, McDonald captured thousands of photos of unsuspecting Apple Store customers. On more than one occasion, McDonald even returned to the Apple Stores to re-install the software he used to capture the unauthorized images. Consequently, McDonald's antics were uncovered. And he was promptly charged with computer fraud.

    Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Secret Service showed up at McDonald's door to seize two computers, two flash drives and an iPod. At this point, it isn't clear just how much trouble - if any - McDonald is really in. For now, Apple isn't commenting or giving any indicating how they may - or may not - pursue additional charges.

    Source: MSNBC
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